Welcome to MyDimension

Well, what to say. This is the personal weblog/playspace of William Cox aka. MyDimension. As the next few days and weeks roll by I will stabilizing this site and working on the kinks of being live online. The initial setup went great thanks to the folks at phpwebhosting.com.

Some things I will cover in this blog include web standards (XHTML, CSS, etc.), online happenings, Movies, Music and anything else I feel like sharing with the online community.

So as things get rolling, bear with me. I have a lot planned that is not implemented. I plan to add a commenting system, a pingback system, possibly trackback and whatever else seems neccesary to make this a succesful blog. This is where you the reader can play a big part. Just send me some feedback and tell me your views on what I’m doing here.

Here’s to blogging and the independant content producer.

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