AOL Time Warner Suffering

When AOL bought Time Warner I was a bit skeptical as to what exactly was going to come out of it.

When America Online bought Time Warner for $103.5 billion in January 2001, the plan was to meld new-economy Internet prowess with old-economy content and cutting-edge broadband delivery. The scheme’s designers boasted they would create the world’s largest corporation. Two years later, AOL Time Warner is a shambles. Was this just bad luck? Was the merger ill-conceived? Or is this disastrous performance—the stock has fallen nearly 90 percent—an object lesson in the perils that confront any mega-merger?

I have never been a fan of AOL so I look at this as good thing for the Internet as a whole, one less dumb web browser interface. About the only thing I’ll miss if AOL Time Warner goes down is the AIM Service. I use it daily and getting the rest of the Internet to agree on a new defacto IM service could take a while. Sine ICQ will most likely got out with AOL Time Wanner I’m willing to bet that MSN Messenger will be come the next popular messenger service. Out of the frying pan and into the fire I say. Maybe we’ll get lucky and some company will adopt the AIM service allowing the current users to continue using it with little hiccup.

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