Journal O’ Andy Redesign

I was bored this evening so I re-marked up Andy’s webpage. His code uses tables for layout. While this is still the norm for the vast majority of web sites, there is a wave sweeping the internet that encourages web developers to use semantic mark up and use CSS for their layout. This has become the philosophy that I design under. With that said, here is my rendition of Andy’s page.

Andy has suggested that I hold a contest to see who can come up with the best redesign for his page. I’m not sure I have a sufficent readership to make this a succesful contest, but I’ll try anyway. If you feel the urge, submit your redesign to yours truly. Andy is looking for the most original redesign. His favorite colors are red, black, grey and white. As a last requirement, Andy is a self-proclaimed HTML newbie, so whatever you come up with, make sure it is easy enough to understand.

The redesign that Andy deems as the winner will be awrded a link from Andy’s page.

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