Godsmack: Faceless

Picked up the new Godsmack CD today. I love it! There is a very melodic sound to it, far different then the hard thrashing sound from their previous albums. But it’s all good.

And while I’m at it, let me tell you about the new CD player I am using to listen to this CD. I recently bought the iRiver SlimX iMP-350. This thing is incredible:

  • MP3/WMA/CD-RW/FM Player
  • up to 3 minutes of anti-shock on audio CDs
  • 8 minutes of anti-shock on compressed audio
  • extremely slim design: Approx. 135×145×16.7mm
  • intuitive remote control

This by far the best portable CD player I have ever owned. Being priced at US$129.99 (Best Buy) might be a slight set back to some but I find it well worth it.

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