Little Gem Or Major Pain?

Asa wrote that he is thinking of redesigning his blog and in the process mentioned that he might use the same mini icon technique that I did. He even called it (the technique or my blog? Unsure.) a “little gem”. Isn’t that nice of him? I sure think so.

However there seems to be a few people commenting on his article that have expressed that my site: hurts their eyes, is not very neat, and is ugly. Well, to all those who spoke up in Asa’s blog, I invite you to criticize me here, not there. That is back stabbing and just plain rude. I don’t mind if you have adverse comments about my site, but say it to me, not on someone else’s site. As you do so try to bear in mind that I am new to web design. I try, I really do and I am willing to make mistakes. But don’t go around in dark corners whispering about my pit falls, make them known to me so that I can learn. A simple courtesy, that’s all I ask.

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