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Fun With GnuPG

Sunday, September 28th, 2003

For my new job I am having to familiarize myself with various encryption techniques. One of them is PGP. The tool I have chosen to use for this is GnuPG. This, along with a graphical interface, makes for quite the desktop encryption setup. Being new to the whole PGP thing I still have to build my “web of trust”. So here is my first call out to the blogging community to help build my web of trust. Please find my public key and sign it. In turn I will return the favor.

I am really enjoying this PGP stuff, albeit a little new.

New Job Progressing

Saturday, September 13th, 2003

If there was an award for the least used blog, I think I would win it. But thats beside the point.

Within a month or two I shall be in the employment of Azura Technologies. It is a very exciting time for me. I am learning a slew of new technologies (new to me at least). The biggest learning curve was learning, compling and using OpenSSL. I am also having to learn web services and the various forms it can take.

A side project of mine has been to re-work the company website. It is laid out with tables and untold lines of javascript. I am redoing it in XHTML/CSS. So far I have been able to cut the download size from 13kB to 4kB for the front page alone (that figure is for the markup alone). My partner in the company is so far impressed with the changes I’ve made. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide an example of my work at this time. Soon though. I might even officially change the company page. Who knows. Time will tell.