Winamp5 Uses Invalid XML

I recently downloaded the new Winamp 5 RC10 and am absolutely loving it. I am however a little irked that the developers have chosen to use invalid XML in the Modern Skin layout files. From what I can tell there is no use root elements anywhere nor is the XML preamble there. Instead it looks as if Winamp uses line by line parsing to utilize these files, a true XML parser would simply fail out. As far as I’m concerned this is not a good way to show skin developers how to use XML. Hopefully Nullsoft will change their ways and comply the XML standard.

Update [10/09/2003]: It looks like I spoke a little to soon as I sometimes do. I searched a little more and found that what Winamp is really doing is using one initial file to “include” all the sub-files via an include tag. However my point still has legs to stand on here. It should be using entities (i.e. Trillian style).

One Response to “Winamp5 Uses Invalid XML”

  1. ahmed says:

    great work go do more….