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Welcome Home, Don’t Mind the Me

Friday, September 23rd, 2005

As the two people who have been reading my site have noticed, I have made a few changes here. The look has changed along with an overhaul/upgrade to the software running this site. It is just shy of year since my last post on this blog. To say things have changed in that time would be an understatement. I am taking part-time classes now. I have been making great strides in helping my company develop its product. On a side note, working with overseas developers is laboriously slow.

As I try to get back into a blogging rhythm, I will undoubtedly change my focus concerning the topics I write about. Before, my focus was to write about web technology in general with a few flourishes into related threads. I found that doing so restricted my material and I quickly lost the drive to keep up the experience. Now, I think my topics will be farther reaching and will change with what has captivated my interest for that particular moment in time. As of yet, I hold no pretenses as to any schedule but rather I hope to make this a come and go thing for me. I am not the first to say so, but blogging is hard. A lot of thought and time is required to make it happen. This is a challenge for one such as myself who has a hard time staying motivated on laborious tasks.

So with that I leave you in the precious void of my mind and I do hope you find your way and find it well. It’s a precarious place filled with many things unexplored as of yet. Not just yet…

Redesign: Ice

Thursday, February 26th, 2004

Take a look around. I have redesigned, yet again. I have dubbed this one ‘Ice’. The color scheme came at the aid of this color scheme tool. As with my previous redesigns, this one came about by my only changing the CSS file. Please let me know what you think and enjoy.

Upgrade to WordPress 1.0.1

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004

Over the past few days I have been working on porting my blog over to the WordPress blogging platform. Thus far the transfer seems to have gone smoothly. Please let me know if you see anything go awry. I will also be looking out for known and unknown bugs.

On the whole I like WordPress. It gives all the features I was striving for with my home grown system but this is far more polished than I ever hoped to get to.

Muted Gray Update

Sunday, May 18th, 2003

Made a few changes to the Muted Gray theme. I’m still torn on what to do with the masthead/header. Maybe I’m trying to hard on it and its fine as is. Let me know.

New Theme: Muted Gray

Sunday, May 11th, 2003

A little in reponse to recent events, I have again redesinged my blog. Done entirely CSS as the last one, I went for a more subtle change and used grays as best I could. Feel free to let me know what you think and of any changes that beckon a change as well as any suggestions.

Back Home, New Design

Sunday, April 27th, 2003

I have returned from Florida, pulled in at 12:30a this morning. Its’ good to be home.

As you can see, I have redesigned my site. It was largely done in CSS with a few minor changes to the markup but they were only so I could select things a little better. For those running Mozilla (and its derivitives), Opera and other browsers with native style sheet selection, the old design is still available (dosen’t stick though). I plan to write some JavaScript to expand this functionality to other browsers, but that will have to wait.

Please let me know what you think and definitely alert me to any bugs in the design.

Some More About Me

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2003

For those who can’t wait to get their hands on the latest information about me, I have just updated my About page. It contains more detailed information as to who I am, why I made this site and other information I deemed appropriate. From time to time I will add to this as I see fit. Keep your eyes open.

URL Fever

Sunday, March 30th, 2003

Over the weekend I was hit by URL fever and decided to rework the structure here a little bit. In the past (and continuing on for compatibility sake) my URLs looked like this: While this will still work, I have depreciated it in favor of this form: The new URLs are much more informative as to their content.

For those with pingback built into their blogging software, the new URL scheme is now the URL to ping to. The old form will no longer work.

New Icons, As Promised

Friday, March 21st, 2003

As I promised earlier, I changed the way my icons in the navigation section function. They no longer use an img tag (go ahead look) and they react to your hovering over them. If they don’t react right away keep trying. Your browser should load them after a couple tries. I am aware of a few issues that I will be dealing with as time permits.

Same Masthead, Different Method

Saturday, March 15th, 2003

In my on going effort to try different design methods, I have changed the way the above banner is displayed. Previously it was an img tag placed within an h1 tag. While this method is totally valid and even preferred is some circles, I have chosen a differnet mothod outlined at StopDesign. This method removes the img tag from the markup, hides the h1 tag from most browsers and replaces it all with a background-image. My hope is that this will give more flexibility to change my design and even provide alternate styles to you, my readers. So be looking for that.